Saturday, March 26, 2005

What Did He Really Say?

For a transcript of a recent speech by Churchill, click on the title link (thanks Amy!). That way you can read what he is actually saying, instead of a silly soundbite.

Today's Denver Post reports that Churchill will not be fired for his two-year old essay, but that allegations of plagiarism and his Indian heritage will be further investigated. I’ve researched this issue extensively and read many of his essays and publications (available on-line; the guy is very prolific).

The Indian heritage issue is pure bullshit, created by the Federal government in 1887 by the Indian Allotment Act when they forced the Indians to give up communal ownership of their tribal lands (against their will) and divided it up among those who could prove a certain percentage of Indian “blood”, varying from tribe to tribe. And guess what, after these sovereign lands were divided up into tiny parcels, anything left over was sold to whitey. Harhar!

Imagine having to try to prove your heritage with documentation; German, Irish, Scottish, English, Italian, Serb, Croat, Russian, whatever, and being told that just having one grandmother of one heritage won’t make it for you. Nope. You are not an Indian, you’re just a mongrel.

An aside: Funny how it works just the opposite for Blacks. Oh, you had a Black great-grandfather, you be Black! No percentage calculations here. And you have kinky hair, so you must have some Black blood in you! Do the math. Eventually there will be no Indians, and everyone will be Black!

Likewise, the plagiarism issue is also a non-issue, often raised in academic circles to discredit a despised colleague. As I understand it, the suspect reference was in a footnote to a chapter written by Churchill. Oh woe is me, an un-attributed footnote.

And by the way Mr. Churchill, if I may presume to give you some advice; do watch your back. They murdered Black Panthers in the 60’s for saying what you are saying; for lining up the consistent record of mass murder which is the history of the USA. And if you do consider a “buyout” of your contract at this University, don’t settle for anything less than $1,000,000. You are definitely worth that for them to get rid of you, and then you will be able to get an appointment at a much better institution which values independent thought, and maybe with your new wealth and influence you will be able to do something about getting back the BILLIONS owed to you and your brothers by the Federal government, which has been holding this money in trust (sic) for you.

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