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The New Dollar, Same as The Old Dollar. Silver Dollar That Is

In thinking about what our world will be like after the coming economic collapse, I have wondered what will become of our current paper as its value goes down. If you've ever shopped in Mexico, you may have suffered peso shock when the grocery bill was 500. Will we see that? Speculation has it that an new Amero will be foisted upon us, along with Canada and Mexico, as we build the North American Union. (I prefer, and wrote about in 1975, the United States of North America, USNA. 100 States in all.)

In the article below, Edgar J. Steele reveales a old-new possibility, he calls it the above-ground economy. What if we started using our old silver coins again. They are still legal tender, but much increased over face value.

Say you went to buy a new car, and with gold at $700 an ounce, you pay the dealer 50 Gold Eagles face value $2500 US Dollars. He accepts them because he knows that they are worth $35,000. (Expect a little shaving here.) The sale is recorded at $2500 and the license and tax ramifications are obvious.

Would you be happy accepting $200 per week for your services is you were paid with four US Gold Eagles (face value $50 each) worth $700 each? Income - $10,400 per year. Not bad as that will buy $72,800 worth of stuff.

Hey, it's like reverseing inflation. Now we can stick to them.

Can this be stopped? Read the article.

If you've been singing along with this blog and developed an interest in gold, silver, and the falling dollar, I urge you to read it. It's long and very lively. No pie in the sky. The change will be all about change!

Cramer with Ron Paul

Even if you are not fond of Jim Cramer, check out this video. Ron Paul in '08!

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New Horizons

Long suffering readers who do not know me personally may believe that I have interests only in gold, silver, war in Iran, Bush-bashing, etc.

I do, however, have other interests, for example podcasting. Although not a regular podcaster myself, I've been working with Dr. Dave over at for the past two years. I'm mostly been providing feedback, and in the process Dave and I have renewed our friendship over the Internet with the generous help of Skype, the Internet phone, which seems to lend itself to this sort of thing. I don't know if it's the headset, the fact that you can call any phone in the U.S. for a flat fee of $14.95 per year, or what, but it works well for us, and we are sure having fun.

Now Dave, always the entrepreneur, has branched into Internet talk radio. It's available live for call in or real-time chat Sundays at 10:00 am Pacific time. He asked me to participate in the first show which you can listen to here:

Listen to Shrink Rap Radio on internet talk radio

Spontaneous and unrehearsed as they say. But with a psychology/spirituality theme. Check us out and call in this Sunday if you have comments or questions.

Live, from the "bleeding" edge.

Watch Out, They are Starting to Snarl