Monday, March 21, 2005

How Low Will They Go

Frist, DeLay, and Bush apparently know no limit to the depths they will go to energize their fanatical base of religious zealots. Dragging this brain-dead woman Terry Shiavo around for their political purposes is possibly the worst case of the misuse of power I have ever witnessed. The fact that it violates their own stated beliefs; states rights, individual rights, and is in fact unconstitutional seems not to matter if they can get the Jesus Jerks riled up. This woman is not in a coma and has no hope of ever “waking up” from her permanent vegetative state. Her delusional father appeared this morning on TV reporting that he told her they were going out to breakfast and she smiled in response.

The Democrats who joined this travesty so as to not be left out of the “values” game are even more despicable. A pox on all of your houses.

Fifteen years of living death and they now use her as a political football.


trumbull said...

This is absolutely creepy. This administration sends young and healthy Americans to be killed or maimed by the thousands in Iraq. They are not given a clear mission and are sent into a lethal conflict on bogus information by a commander-in-cheif who lacks both patience and imagination. Yet Bush and congressional Republicans are bending over backward to keep a brain-dead woman in Florida on life support machines. Why? Bush says: "We prefer to err on the side of life." Hmmm...

trumbull said...

It should be no surprise that the Bush White House and congressional conservatives want to keep Terri Schiavo alive. Being in a persistant vegetative state they are figuring she'll most likely vote Republican.