Friday, March 18, 2005

Direct Action

I had been attending my local neighborhood association meetings for about a year when I brought up a subject which I thought would be appropriate for consideration: unsightly telephone poles covered with outdated posters and flyers. Since posting these flyers is illegal in Denver, I suggested that the association could write a letter to the (ir)responsible party (a local band promoter) and suggest that they stop putting them up, or at the least, take them down after the event. The president of the association stated that she liked the way they looked because they made Denver look like a “real city”. When I mentioned that they were illegal, her reply was that she didn’t like that law anyway.

So I gave up. I gave up on the association, that is, and decided to take direct action. I stopped attending the meetings, and instead spent an hour every Sunday morning walking around my neighborhood removing the signs. (One pole had over 30 signs dating back a year).

I have to admit, it was therapeutic. After a few weeks, the number of signs dropped dramatically. Then I noticed that the signs were being taken down before I could get to them on Sunday. Someone else had also started to take direct action. Hmmm….direct action is contagious?

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