Sunday, March 27, 2005

After the Thrill is Gone

I was going to write an article about how everything seems to be going wrong for the Bushies these days, and in the pursuit of additional information I found an article (A Fall From Grace) better than what I would have written, and then I read a number of this guy’s articles and was soon laughing out loud. He is a very good writer.

But before I turn you over to him let me mention that I think the impending “crash” of the Bush fa├žade will center on "turd blossom" (Bush’s nickname for King Karl Rove) and as yet unknown damage which may have been done to him by the Guckert/Gannon fake-reporter thing with its sexual perversion overtones. And let’s not forget the still-looming Valerie Plaine outing.

In fact John Dean has made a list of these looming “secrets” about to explode in his Worse Than Watergate. But who would have thunk that a brain-dead woman would be the poster child for the wedgie that split the Republican’s ass into two stupid butt-cheeks.

Also note the rapid rehiring of Karen Hughes, another part of Bush’s Brain, who, after apparently having had enough of her family, returns to be – what? – The Arab World PR Person? What is going on in there? Are they nuts?

Perhaps there was something to that internet rumor that Bush’s jacket and shirt wires were a prosthetic device worn by Graves disease sufferers, and that his mental capacity is, like his surrogate father Ronald Regan before him, turning to mush.

Some have postulated that Bush and some of his supporters act like they think the rapture is coming and there is no need to worry about the environment, the budget, or the future as they will soon ascend to the right hand of God.

I think their fiscal suicide mission for this country is fueled by the certain knowledge of the coming of Peak Oil, permanent global warfare, with impending marshal law for the USA, and who knows, maybe even brain rot.

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