Wednesday, March 30, 2005

United States of North America

I had this idea in the seventies to create a new country called The United States of North America, and I wrote a screen play entitled “The Third American Revolution”, explaining how we get there. Somehow I have lost the original, but the idea is straightforward.

Nicely convince Mexico and Canada to join us, each bringing its respective states with it (already conveniently organized.) to form the United States of North America, a federation of even more states. Card every last citizen of these states and allow freedom of travel throughout and then staunchly defend the new borders. Build entire cities in the North to harvest the vast mineral resources. Let there be three capital cities for a period of time, and then build a brand new hub capital city somewhere in the middle of the entire land mass, or for that matter, anywhere that we would agree on..

This new union would have a fighting chance against the European Union and other such entities which will form in the future. (Instead, by the way, we are standing by while China either buys outright or partners with Canadian commodity producers. Instead of taking positive action we continue to dig ourselves a deeper hole, now net $7,000,000,000,000 , that’s right trillion, mortgaged to foreigners. If we don't soon change our ways, we will become a third world country if and when China pulls our chain.)

I was a kid when Alaska and Hawaii suddenly became states. I was astounded. How could you just declare that these two lovely but non-contiguous entities were now states? I guess I hadn’t been reading the newspapers I delivered back then.

So let's do it again, but even bigger. Canada has 10 provinces, Mexico has 31 states, and the US 50. Okay 91 STATES! Great. Or, let some of the territories become states until you have 100. That’s even better ….100 STATES STRONG.

New roads, less wasted border bullshit. Let the free markets boil and bubble. You can spend hours imagining how this might work, and solve many of our current problems. For example, let the Mexicans send their hard-earned money back to our own country, the USNA. [1] We could pronounce it us nah.

Back to the screen play; the only way I figured this could get done was if a really famous rock star wrote a song that would convince the populace that this was a good idea. So that was the movie's story; a rock star gets this idea and etc. Also, all voting was done by encrypted telephone (I didn’t discover the internet until 1980). There were a few other niceties to make it what I thought was a cool story.

I made the mistake of giving the only hard copy to a lady named K.G. Cribbs who wanted to show it to a professor at Metro State College. Later she said he didn’t like it and never returned it to me. (She went on to marry her 6th husband and moved to the North East, I’m not sure where. I think she and her husband were going to finance a bird/wildlife preserve on his estate. I don’t know her married name but if you happen to know her tell her to get in touch with me. You know, 6 degrees.)

Anyway, that’s the idea. The United States of North America. A Federation of 100 States. I’m sure it is not a new idea. Every idea I’ve ever had has always proved to have already been had or just being had at the same time. Even my arcane Ph. D. thesis involving a pineal gland pathway mediating the Liske Effect in rats, was, it turned out, being done contemporaneously by a guy in California and another in Tokyo. So I’m not claiming any glory here. Just an idle thought for this afternoon.

[1] If memory serves, the USA was actually called the United States of North America for a year or two before it became the USA. Please comment if you know the history.

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