Thursday, July 20, 2006

Smack, Smack, Talking Shit

When I saw the video clip of Bush at the G8, slouched over chairs, stuffing his face with food while talking like a buffoon, and chewing with his mouth open, it started me thinking again about the mental condition of our President.

Ruth Lopez at BuzzFlash nails it.

"This is not normal behavior. Watch him closely sometime when he's having trouble staying coherent and you can see his eyes come in and out of focus. He does it at the table when Blair is speaking to him and he's looking out across the room as he chomps open-mouthed on his food. This is a distinct change from Bush's speech and behavior at other times. In fact, radical variations in his behavior and speech can be seen by watching him when he is unscripted. Sometimes he's coherent, other times he looks like staying coherent long enough to get a sentence out is almost beyond him, (these are the times he seems to get mean-drunk angry when anyone dares to question him), and sometimes he is just off-the-wall bizarre."

For a humorous take on the situation, check out Ze Frank’s video blog below.

the show with zefrank

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