Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hello Sino Car

I'm guessing that we'd better get used to this kind of news. Maybe we should also start using their name for their country, Sino, instead of ours, China. We can keep the name china for our dishes.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 -

China's Chaoyue (meaning to surpass) No. 3 fuel cell driven car from Shanghai received four gold medals during the Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2006 being held in Paris in June. The four categories of winning class A is in carbon dioxide emissions, emissions, noise and fuel efficiency. The car only consumes 1.03 kg of hydrogen for 100 kilometers. - Peoples Daily

"Starting in 2001, China has decided to put electric car research and development at the top of the agenda of the 10th five year plan key scientific and technological projects. Special attention has been given to manufacturing, researching and developing electric cars, hybrid fuel cars and fuel cell cars."

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