Sunday, July 02, 2006

Maybe Technology Can Come to the Rescue After All

When “Peak Oil” discussions were all the rage, I often read the argument that “technology would ride to the rescue” in getting us weaned from the ever-diminishing supply of fossil fuels. Yeah, thinks I, dream on.

But now I’ve read about a new application of known but little used technology separating water into – not just hydrogen and oxygen, but a third gas, sometimes called Brown’s gas, which has a different atomic makeup. We refer to water as H20 signifying that 2 hydrogen atoms have connected to an oxygen atom. We could call this water molecule H-O-H.

This Brown’s gas is apparently H-H-O, a slightly different arrangement having to do with the valence of the electrons. This gas has really interesting properties.

1. It can be used in place of acetylene gas for cutting metals. It adjust automatically to the temperature needed to melt the metal, and can be used to melt disparate metals together. Apparently this is big news in the welding world.

2. It can be used as a fuel additive and increase the mileage of any gasoline burning engine by up to 50%.

3. It can be created from water under the hood of your car (after adding the appropriate not too expensive kit) with electricity created when you run your car. Add an extra quart of water and take off with an increase of 50% in your fuel efficiency.

I know this sounds like one of those “run your car on nothing” schemes but from reading the literature I have to say it sounds real. See for yourself.

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