Saturday, June 03, 2006

Back in Time

Sometimes you have to repeat yourself.

Some of my friends, including the guy who said this blog was "nothing but bad news that I can't do anything about”, are now asking, "Okay, suppose you are right, what am I supposed to do?"

1. Start reading. Educate yourself with Google. Subscribe to newsletters and news feeds. I strongly recommend that you get “The Daily Reckoning”. I’ve been reading it for years and I think the contributors are very perceptive. I fact, I just signed up for Doug Casey’s newsletter on gold and silver investing.

2. Buy some CEF stock. This Canadian company does nothing but hold gold and silver. You own the stock, not the metal. Check its trend and buy if it dips.

3. Buy GLD stock. This is a fund that tracks the exact price of gold - each share = 1/10 of the price of an oz. of gold. Buy SLV stock - each share = 10 oz. of silver.

4. Buy some gold or silver Eagles – 1 oz coins produced by our Mint. Very beautiful. Go to your local coin dealer - in Denver that would be Rocky Mountain Coin on Broadway. If you don't have a local coin dealer you can do it all on the internet, phone and mail. Go to Put them in a safe, or safe deposit box (but be mindful of the previous confiscations).

And speaking of educating yourself - start by clicking on the movie below - very easy to take explanation of how and why you are getting screwed every minute of every day (maybe that could explain your crankiness lately) by the so-called FED.

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