Monday, June 19, 2006

This Really Works

You've probably been spammed more than once with bogus invitations to "make money on the internet - earn money online by taking surveys." Yeah, sure.

But, there is one that really works. I know because I've signed up and earned $108 so far. Not a huge amount, but nonetheless a steady stream. Once registered, and once you have taken their introductory survey, you will receive occasional invitations to take a particular survey. After answering a few qualify questions, you take a short (sometimes as much as 15 minutes) survey about telecommunications or other retail products. You will not be spammed as a result of your survey taking, and I've detected no misuse of email addresses or other bothersome side effects.

Some surveys will add $10 to your account. Others as little as $2 or as much as $50. Even if you do not qualify for a particular survey, you will be placed in a pool for a chance to receive a random "prize" of $10. An additional benefit is that if you sign up others, you continue to benefit when they complete surveys. For example, if you follow this link, and sign up, I will receive $2 every time you take a survey. You can do the same, add referrals, and make more money when they take surveys.

Soooo, try it out, and make money taking surveys online. For real.

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