Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I Strongly Recommend That You Listen Up!

The new "normal" rush of Bush Bad News is hard to keep up with. The guy is stumbling badly. Did you see his Alito intro? Harhar. He can't even repeat what's sent into his ear!

Like It Is

"America's long slide towards authoritarianism has greatly accelerated since our version of the Reichstag fire on 9/11, and I see no prospect of it even slowing, much less reversing. It makes me nostalgic for the days of Reagan; even if the reality was two steps backward for one step forward, he at least seemed good-hearted. The Baby Bush, on the other hand, appears to be stupid, ignorant, stubborn, and mean-spirited. I don't know whether or not to credit the reports that he's hitting the bottle again and flies into fits of rage when his will is challenged. Is it possible Bush is also psychologically imbalanced? That is certainly possible, given his stated views on torture. But, looking to the bright side, at least he's not Dick Cheney, who appears to be a genuinely degraded being."
- Doug Casey, today's Daily Reckoning

Scandal creeps like a New Orleans mold through the corrupt walls of a befouled Republican house.

Still to come. the "Cunningham" stuff, fake defense-industry companies sucking off of black budgets and distributing monthly payments to our Representatives. Direct in your face Agnew type really stupid graft (Many of the fake companies had the same address.)

But in the meantime, don't forget the really freaky, once in a life time, big blow to the head which is about to hit you from your blind side, the upcoming degradation of the US dollar. Read back 3 or 4 posts if you want the gory details, but buddy, this is coming up soon.

Some of my friends, including the guy who said this blog was "nothing but bad news that I can't do anything about”, are now asking, "Okay, suppose you are right, what am I supposed to do?"

1. Start reading. Educate yourself with Google. Subscribe to newsletters and news feeds. I strongly recommend that you get “The Daily Reckoning”. I’ve been reading it for years and I think the contributors are very perceptive. I fact, I just signed up for Doug Casey’s newsletter on gold and silver investing.

2. Buy some CEF stock. This Canadian company does nothing but hold gold and silver. You own the stock, not the metal. Check its trend and buy if it dips.

3. Buy GLD stock. This is a fund that tracks the exact price of gold.

(Digression) Unfortunately, there is as yet no similar silver fund. The mention of it sent the Silver Users Association into shock. They screamed that this “hoarding” would drive the price up! Duh! There is more silver being consumed yearly than is being produced. Silver could easily quadruple, even without a dollar meltdown. But buying silver producers means relying on good management.

4. Buy some gold or silver Eagles – 1 oz coins produced by our Mint. Very beautiful. Go to Put them in a safe, or safe deposit box.

5. Sell any real estate you own, including your house, and rent something nicer, preferrable something off the grid, with its own water supply. Okay, this an extreme move, and you may not be ready for it yet, but my house is on the market right now.

I could go on about laying in supplies, planning your vegetable garden, defending yourself, and so on, but I’ll leave that to you.

49 days until the Iranian Oil Bourse is set to open. Will Bush be able to run to the U.N. for sanctions and still have time to start the bombing? Stay tuned.

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