Tuesday, April 05, 2005

RIP Karol Wojtyla

I was going to try to get through the media gush of Dead Popery without comment but in surfing other blogs I was heartened to find at least one reference to a site that was not afraid to identify the Sins of the Father.

I have to conclude that humans must have evolved with a virus in their brain cells which dooms them to belief in outrageous God forms. How else to explain the mourning of the subjugated millions upon the death of this gigantic global fraud.

Head of World’s Largest Evil Organization Dies, Goes Straight to Hell

Pope John Paul II died today. Although his front organization, the Roman Catholic Church, has been demonstrated to be responsible for the murder of millions of innocents throughout the ages, and continues today with a special high-ceremony known as BFB (Butt-Fucking the Boys), the world mourned the passing of this "infallible" fake.

“How soon they forget”, said an atheist, wishing to remain anonymous so as to avoid retribution. “Starting with the systematic rape, torture, and burning at the stake of millions of innocent pagan women in its early years, the twisting of the teachings of the radical Jesus into a money-making scheme, the continuing murder and torture during the Inquisition of the Dark Ages, the support of the Nazi-led extermination during WWII, and recently including the genocide in Rwanda, the Roman Catholic Church has been, perhaps, the most evil organization ever to exist on the face of the planet.”

As the world’s largest private land-owner, oppressor of the poor, and proponent of the spread of AIDS in Africa, the Roman Catholic Church continues to be held in high esteem by some, including the US government's blessing of tax-exempt status on its land holdings and bingo activities.

In addition to its unusual practice of ritual cannibalism, called communion, the Roman Catholic Church has also been said to have produced the world’s funniest costumes for men in skirts.

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