Saturday, April 02, 2005

Forbidden Pixels

Boy, oh boy.

Strange, but certain patterns of pixels lighting up on your computer screen can get you thrown in jail. Or perhaps it’s certain patterns of bits streaming through your RAM.

As usual, rights are taken away “to protect the children”. This poor schlump sits in the dark and beats his meat to a forbidden pixel pattern. Douglas Sovereign Smith Jr. is arrested for receiving and sending forbidden images from his home computer. Pixels devoid of inherent meaning that add up to a forbidden image and forbidden lust in Mr. Smith’s brain.

As Bill Maher pointed out on his Real Time show last night, any child abuse that may have occurred was done at the time the pictures were taken, and their were no children involved in Smith's sending or receiving the bits. I don’t think he is being charged for looking at the pixels created by the bits, just for sending and receiving. What if he had some forbidden files that he hadn’t gotten around to looking at?

What if 001011010101000011010101010010110001010101001 actually looks like a child’s wee-wee and he didn’t even know it? What if these images came from computer generated forms and not from light bouncing off of “real” children? How can you determine the age of a screen-image?

Didn’t the Supremes rule that computer generated images were okay? Now there’s a latent market that should take off like a rocket…computer generated porno involving forbidden images.

No real people were involved in the making of this video. Completely safe…for now.

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Anonymous said...

It's always been my contention that Daniel Elsberg should have had pixels in the form of 00110001110000111100 and he would have gotten away with the whole damn episode, scot free.
scotland exuberant