Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Stentman - The Truly Evil

Vice-President Dick Cheney has so many stents in him, he can hardly sit down. Stentman. He has an ambulance that follows him everywhere, complete with an array of new stents. What do you think that does to his head?

As this Administration has trashed this country over the past 5 years, I began to wonder if mere incompetence could account for the complete fuck-up of everything (FUE) which has been going on unabated since the theft of the first election. This couldn't be by accident, could it? They couldn't be doing the wrong thing 90% of the time without trying really hard, could they?

Once I learned that 9/11 had been a building demolition exercise (if you haven't seen the new evidence, go here), I knew that naked evil was running wild through the halls of power. Knowing that Cheney runs the neo-con cabal inside the government, he seemed the most likely candidate

And then I learned this:

Of greatest concern, the condition of the Vice President's cerebral vasculature is unknown. Small-vessel cerebral atherosclerosis could produce insidious, difficult-to-recognize degradation of mental faculties.

And the truth struck me: this country is being destroyed by a madman....STENTMAN.

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