Saturday, March 18, 2006

Coming Soon to a Reality Near You ...

1. Another “terrorist” attack, brought to you by the same forces of evil that demolished the three buildings of the WTC on 9/11. But don’t look for planes crashing into buildings, and don’t look on the East coast.

2. Another “War on Terror” campaign brought to you by the current administration. Another surge of patriotism by the sheeple: red and orange lights flashing - more warrantless spying, more torture, more rendition.

3. Another pre-emptive attack on a country that had nothing to do with #1. This time around, it’s Iran.

4. Another day, another quagmire

5. Bankrupt America.

How long ….. can this keep goin’ on.

P.S. I thought this might be a little extreme until I read this (from Cannonfire) ...

"Let's face it -- a new terror attack is the only thing that can salvage the neocon experiment.

Such an attack is therefore inevitable. We already know who the perps will be (the neocons) and who the fall guys will be (the Iranians). Afterward will come the great round-up of the "America-haters" -- defined as you and me and anyone else who considers Big Brother doubleplusungood.

There will also be war with Iran. Nuclear war. The signs are unmistakable. Come and see:

1. The far-right continually assails anyone who criticizes Bush as working with the terrorists. This accusation seems inane now, but it will take on quite an ominous tone after Big Wedding II.

2. Official propagandist Jerome Corsi, who is surely on the inside, has warned of an Iranian nuclear terror strike within the United States -- even though (as a moment's thought will tell you) Iran has nothing to gain and everything to lose from such an event.

3. No one doubts that the adminstration is gearing up for war with Iran, even though no political will exists in this country to prosecute such a conflict. Obviously, Cheney and co. know full well that an event will soon take place which will create sufficient backing.

4. Bush himself has repeated the false claim that Iran is arming the insurgency in Iraq. (Why would Shi'ite Iran want to undermine the most Shi'ite-friendly neighboring government they've ever known?)

People get ready, there's a train acomin'...

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