Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse to Have No Effect on USD

You’ve heard me mention the idea that the internet is huge enough to include all sides of every argument. It is in that spirit that I present below the views that the new Iranian Oil Bourse will have no (or little) effect on the USD, will not incite the US to bomb Iran, and that alarm over this is even silly. There are more thoughtful comments posted here, and I suggest that you read them to further edify yourself on this upcoming event.

Even if the USD does not fall off a cliff, and continues instead its slow drift downward, many of the results will be the same, but at a slower pace. More time to get ready!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting developments afoot with Iran….

http://www.iht.com/articles/2006/01/26/news/edpfaff.php>William Pfaff: Iran's nukes are a non-issue
Why is all this pressure being mounted against Iran when both Washington and Jerusalem unofficially concede that there is nothing to be done to prevent Iran's government from continuing along its present course of nuclear development?

India summons US envoy over Iran
India has summoned the US ambassador to Delhi after comments he made over India's relations with Iran.
US Ambassador David Mulford had warned that a deal giving India US nuclear technology could collapse if India does not back a UN motion against Iran.