Thursday, September 29, 2005

Top Cop

Very interesting articles by a Canadian with a reply from an American (from the "Axis of Logic").

"The United States claims to be a nation of peace lovers and officially it has been at peace since the end of the Second World War. Except, that is, for their attacks on:

China (1945-46)
Korea (1950-53)
Guatemala (1954, 1967-69)
Cuba (1959-60)
Belgian Congo (1964)
Vietnam (1961-73)
Cambodia (1969-70)
Grenada (1983)
Libya (1986)
El Salvador (1980-92)
Nicaragua (1981-90)
Panama (1989)
Iraq (1991)
Somalia (1993)
Bosnia (1995)
Sudan (1998)
Yugoslavia (1999)
Afghanistan (2001-02)
plus a grudge match currently underway in Iraq (since 2003)
Plus "police action" in Colombia re: drugs (ongoing), an insurrection in Chile (1973) and numerous other covert bombings conducted by, or under the direction of, the CIA."

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