Friday, September 02, 2005

Bush Declares His Efforts "Unacceptable"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina have been unacceptable,
President Bush acknowledged on Friday before heading out on a tour of storm-ravaged New Orleans and other areas of the U.S. Gulf Coast....

Faced with victims' urgent pleas for help and mounting criticism that the federal government has been too slow to respond, Bush said many people had been working hard in the five days since the deadly storm struck on Monday morning, but more needed to be done.

In this first instance of self criticism, Bush has declared his efforts so far as "unacceptable" and agreed to .... ooops, I thought I was writing for The Onion. Does this pretend President even know who runs the Federal Government?

As I watch the live feed from Mobile, Alabama, Bush seems to be having a hard time paying attention to the people feeding him information about the situation "on the ground". Staring at the floor, shifting from one foot to another, grinding his teeth from time to time, Bush proclaims "we have a lot to do, its a big job."

"We are going to restore law and order.... Out of the destruction of Trent Lott's house, we are going to see an even better house, and I look forward to sitting on the front porch."

I didn't make that up.

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