Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Execution Device Upgrade

This is the guy responsible for the conversion of GW, not Billy Graham as is often reported. What I love about Blessit is the wheel and luggage carrier update of the execution device. He has wheeled it through 303 countries.

"In April 1984, aware that he was floundering, Bush asked for a private meeting with traveling evangelist Rev. Arthur Blessit at the Holiday Inn in Midland, Texas. When Blessit asked him if he had an assurance that he was going to heaven, Bush responded that he did not. Though he and Blessit—who was known for carrying (ed. note: wheeling) a 12-foot cross with him from city to city as part of his ministry—prayed together, he acknowledges that he continued for more than a year on a wayward path."

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