Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Colorado Clips

Usually the news from Colorado involves a college football team, or recruiting for such a team, or the gangbanging done by such a team, or the coach, whose daughter was knocked up by a team player, who then died, who (the coach) went on to start an evangelical religious manhood thingy, or a basketball star bending a hotel employee over a chair because that’s the way he likes it … you get the idea…sex and sports, rough sports and rough sex. That’s the pattern. But every once in a while the word “outspoken” creeps into the news that splashes out of this state into the national media river.

Now comes an unlikely named Professor Churchill, speaking out. This guy actually thinks that the United States is and always has been an imperialist, warmongering, murderous, lying, deceitful country. And he has the audacity to call himself a professor, constantly professing this and that, chairing the ethnic studies department, creating an amazing website, selling books and tee-shirts, writing numerous articles, speaking in public for hire, inspiring reaction from “real” Indians,

© Marty Two Bulls. Published in Indian Country Today.

And drawing attacks on his heritage (“Prof's Indian roots disputed”) ,
and stomping around the CU campus looking like an Indian while being videoed.

This guy is great, a ‘60’s throwback bent on revolution. He reminds me of myself in the ‘60’s, the only white guy at the Black Panther meetings. “Power to the Peebles”, man, “Right Arm”!

Keep it up, Ward. Soon you'll lose your job and your influence, and if you are lucky, you won't be murdered in your sleep, like the Black Panther revolutionaries.

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