Saturday, January 15, 2005

Seeking Truth in TV Viewing

If you are tired of what passes for news these days on the propaganda outlets, see if you can find Free Speech TV in your local listings. If you have Dish TV, its ch 9415. On Comcast I think it's known as Link TV. Sometimes it's on PBS. Amy Goodman tells it like it is on a program called Democracy Now! If you can't find it on TV, you can stream it from

And while you are seeking real news, you might check out as an antidote to the "western press". I know, you are probably afraid that your connections are being monitored by NSA or Echelon, and they probably are, but be brave and seek the truth.

And if you can stand a dose of "reality", check out, a blog from inside Baghdad. Be advised that reality is often difficult. Don't look at the photographs if you have a weak stomach.

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