Saturday, January 22, 2005

Blog On

Yes, its time to get with it, and start your own blog.

When the internet was first getting started, future thinkers started talking about the next level of consciousness for the human race. Internet users, like neurons in the brain, would hook up through the nervous system of the planet, telephone wires, and boom, a singularity would be created, and the planetary brain would take us all to a new level. While I’m not sure this is going to happen, if it is, it will undoubtedly include bloggers.

Step 1. Go to and start your account.
Note: your account name is not the same as your blog name. Your web address will be http://www.”yourblogname” You can have multiple blogs under one account.

Step 2. Pick out a format, and set the details of how you want it to work. Note: You can change your format at any time.

Step 3. Create your blog and publish it. Blogger doesn't seem to have a spell-checker, so I usually write in Word and cut and paste to Blogger. Adding pictures is a bit more difficult. You download a program called Picasa/Hello for this purpose. All of this is free (for now).

Get started. If you let me know your blog name, I’ll publish it on my site. Who knows, somebody might actually be interested in what you have to say. At least you’ll know that you are a neuron in the new brain.

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