Friday, September 14, 2007

The Beginning of Hyper-Inflation

Inflation is caused by increasing the money supply faster than increases in GDP (or value). Hyper-inflation is caused by manic increases in the money supply. Google it.

From today's Daily Reckoning,

Today comes word that the feds are bailing out the big banks as fast as their buckets allow. It is the biggest bailout in five years, say the reports...with big banks averaging about $2.7 billion per day in loans from the Fed. These injections of cash are said to be ‘forced’ by the Fed itself...rather that the result of desperation on the part of member banks. Still, recent estimates put the increase in U.S. money at nearly 50%, annualized.

Are you ready for prices to double in a year? You still have time. Buy real money.

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hubs said...

what do you mean buy real money.