Monday, February 05, 2007

Defeated at Our Own (Capitalistic) Game

Futurists Alvin and Heidi Toffler (of Future Shock and Third Wave fame) recently make the point that current wars are still being fought with industrial era tools (hurling pieces of lead and dynamite at each other, albeit with increasing sophistication), and that soon war will move into a “Third Wave” with laser, microwave, and mind control weapons.

My theory is that China has been quietly developing the “Fourth Wave” of warfare, and we have already lost. Using our own dollars gathered in their enormous trade surplus (now over one trillion dollars) provided by Wal-Mart shoppers and U.S. Treasury notes (interest - $329 billion per year), they are foresightedly locking in the world’s mineral wealth and raw materials in Canada, South America, and now Africa. Read and weep...

Our reaction? Military bases, that we won’t be able to maintain due to lack of raw materials and very long supply lines. China is also now building 50 submarines, just in case they need to hurl something at us.

America's phony Superpower "total dominance" doctrine is based on brute force. How 20th century.

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