Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Shrink Rap Radio

Do you wonder what makes us tick? Does the spirit exist? Does psychology have any answers?

If you haven't hooked up to any radio programs on your computer may I recommend "podcasts", mis-named but lots of fun anyway. Go to iTunes (difficult) or Podshow Network (easy) and check them out. You can subscribe at no cost and they will be ready for your mp3 player or computer, stream or download.

At Podshow Network click on channels and you'll find many categories of content. Click on Spirituality (on the left) and find ShrinkRapRadio (or just click to go to his website), with Dr. Dave. He has an easy-going style as he interviews a wide variety of psychologists. Very thought provoking.

He's got over 60 shows you can listen to - from shaminism to terrorism - a range of topics sure to catch your attention.

And, BTW, he's a good friend of mine and a very cool fellow. Someday maybe he'll put up a tape of himself playing his extremely cool didgeridoo!

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Dave sez, "I give this site five stars *****!