Thursday, August 03, 2006

We Wanta Answer!

From the comments on by Hatha Sunahara:

"I have been following the Leo Wanta stories for several months now, There is something wrong with this story. The numbers are just too big. They boggle the imagination. I assume that the people who came up with this story are getting a major laugh at how the story is being repeated without comment (uncritically) by an ever larger number of 'alternative press' outlets. It's a hoax.

Here's why I think it's a hoax.The 'Gross Domestic Product' of the entire USA in 2004, according to the World Bank was $11.7 trillion. This is everything the entire United States produces. Leo Wanta supposedly has $27.5 trillion. That is a value two and a half times the entire output of the USA. The US government's National Debt is now at a level of $8.5 trillion. Our national debt is unimaginably large, but it is real. The total World Output, as estimated by the CIA is around $55.5 trillion (

So, Leo Wanta is in charge of a fund that contains the value of roughly one half of all of humanity's output for a whole year, and this has been 'secret' for 25 years and has just emerged now? Please, give me a break. The suggestion in the Leo Wanta story is that Ronald Reagan funded it with $27.5 trillion. Where did Reagan get that money?

Ok, if it isn't in the form of money, then what is in this fund? US Treasury bonds? The max on that is 8.2 trillion. So where does this fund have the money invested? Is it in 'bank deposits'? Certainly not deposited in the USA--the last time M3 was published in March it was not $27.5 trillion. Could it be in foreign banks? Maybe, but not likely. Could it be in 'derivatives'? It's possible, but again not likely.

It seems that there is not enough money in the entire world to support this story. So what should we make of this story? My theory is this. Leo Wanta lives in the vacuum of M3. The $27.5 trillion figure is to support an explanation at some future date for why we are having hyperinflation. Ronald Reagan printed up all the excess money and deposited it with Leo Wanta, and now Leo wants to 'give it back'.

This much money is a bomb that will destroy the world's money system. Aren't there any economists out there who are not shills for the powers that be? This is a CIA psy op. Everyone on this forum should be on their guard about this story. Don't believe any of it until there is hard evidence. Read the stories. Too many obfuscations and gloss-overs. It's crapola. Won't save the dollar, won't even delay the crash. My advice? Buy gold."


Anonymous said...

Should know within 72 hrs from now how "true" story is . . . will let blog know.

Thus far, it started with about $150B in black ops money [incl. credit] Reagan gave Wanta authority over, as Reagan's agent, to topple the Ruble via low oil prices, aided by the Saudis.

Anonymous said...

This a Greg Szymanski production. He kept kept telling some poor lady on his radio show about Slats Grobnik. The lady had been arrested on some trumped up charges somewhere in Ohio. So he tells her about some made up guy called Slats who was taken to a prison/gulag in Colorado. He acts like this guy is a real person. Also I had emailed Greg and asked him to post cover letters of the lawsuits and proceeding of Leo Wanta. So far he has not done that.