Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bush Snaps; Dragged from West Wing

Sources close to the President report that days after Karl Rove was forced to resign, Bush began drinking heavily, ranting, and throwing furniture around the Oval office. This soon escalated into coke snorting and screaming. Strangely, it was reported, he continually referred to the coke as "yellow-cake".

Despite attempts by aides to calm him, he progressively became more agitated until White House guards had to be called.

"Get me Karl! Get me Karl!" he screamed as he was finally led out to the Rose Garden and hosed down by Big Dick Cheney.

In other related news, the dollar plunged to new lows as the world markets finally gave up and began massive selling. Gold reached a new high at $959/oz.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist. And thanks to for the photo.

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